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​ The Kentucky Grouse Hunters Association was formed for educational and habitat purposes. At that time  there were two important issues that small game hunters (grouse, quail and rabbit) were concerned about,  those were the closing of small game season on December 31 and the trapping of grouse in Eastern  Kentucky. The KGHA worked with KDFWLR on both of these issues, which left our season as they are  today and the trapping program has cease. During the AGRP the KGHA worked directly with the biologist  over the Kentucky study area to gain knowledge of grouse, their diets, age structure and cover preference. 
 KGHA has worked for small game habitat, particularly grouse, be improved on our public lands in the  grouse zone of Kentucky, along with the purchase of additional land be bought for public use. KGHA works  closely with the LKS (HILAF) and KHLT to add public lands in which to hunt and fish across Kentucky.  We’ve worked with the LKS and DBNF to improve habitat for upland game species and will continue our  work with both organizations.
 Habitat on our public lands have improved, six of our Eastern Kentucky WMA’s currently have  improvement projects in progress. Work is being done on the DBNF to improve upland game species at the  time. KGHA has supported quail habitat across the state and will continue to work for upland game  improvements along with other small game species. 


 a. Protect and improve Grouse hunting in Kentucky through education and awareness, 

 b. Improve habitat for small game, particularly grouse on  
     public and private land in Ky. 

 c. Introduce youth to grouse hunting in Kentucky and preserve  
     the right to hunt, trap and bare arms.

Membership to KGHA also includes membership to LKS.
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Support habitat improvement with the purchase of a Kentucky Sportsmen plate.
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 Sportsman of the year award will be given at the annual banquet. 
 If you would like to nominate a club member for sportsman of 
 the year, you can do so by submitting their name to the right. 
 For rules and guidlines look below.
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Kentucky Grouse Hunters Assoc.
       Sportsman of the Year

 Recognizes: A KGHA paid member that has made a significant contribution toward
 the betterment of the Kentucky Grouse Hunters Association and displayed more of 
 a commitment than required by mere membership. This display, or displays of commitment
 contributed to the goals and progression of the Kentucky Grouse Hunters Association.

 Eligibility: Any paid member of the KGHA in good standing and 
 did not receive the award in the previous calendar year.
 (Current Board Members are not eligable for nomination)

 Nomination criteria - The nominee must meet two or more of the following:
  Has made measurable contributions to the success of the KGHA.
  Promotes and models a spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship.
  Displayed willingness, dependability and loyalty to help further the KGHA's mission.
  Represents the KGHA with a positive image of pride and dignity.

 Anyone can make a nomination. Nominations must be made by February 1st of each year to            allow the selection committee time to review the nominees and make a selection prior to the             banquet. The selection committee will consist of 3 members from the Board of Directors or               substituted by the Director and President at their discretion. Confidentiality of the selection              process is required and shall not be discussed outside the selection committee  meeting. 
The KGHA is a 501c3 Not for Profit Organization. All memberships and donations are tax deductible.
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$20 for 5 Raffle Tickets
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