The Kentucky Grouse Hunters Association was formed for educational and habitat purposes. At that time there were two important issues that small game hunters (grouse, quail and rabbit) were concerned about, those were the closing of small game season on December 31 and the trapping of grouse in Eastern Kentucky. The KGHA worked with KDFWR on both of these issues, which left our season as they are today and the trapping program has cease. During the AGRP the KGHA worked directly with the biologist over the Kentucky study area to gain knowledge of grouse, their diets, age structure and cover preference.

KGHA has worked for small game habitat, particularly grouse, to be improved on our public lands in the grouse zone of Kentucky along with the purchase of additional land for public use. KGHA works closely with the LKS (HILAF) and KHLT to add public lands in which to hunt and fish across Kentucky. We’ve worked with the LKS and DBNF to improve habitat for upland game species and will continue our work with both organizations.

Habitat on our public lands have improved, six of our Eastern Kentucky WMA’s currently have improvement projects in progress. Work is being done on the DBNF to improve upland game species at the time. KGHA has supported quail habitat across the state and will continue to work for upland game improvements along with other small game species.


  • Protect and improve Grouse hunting in Kentucky through education and awareness
  • Improve habitat for small game, particularly grouse on public and private land in Kentucky
  • Introduce youth to grouse hunting in Kentucky and preserve the right to hunt, trap and bear arms

Board Members:

Chairman of the Board:
Larry Robinson     606-793-2199

Board Members:
Jimmy Smith     606-791-9260
Charles Pennington     606-794-8701
Jimmy Rice     606-794-2229
Derek Caudill     606-495-6945

Ronnie Wells     606-789-7125

Youth Director:
Larry Lewis     606-362-5223

15 thoughts on “KGHA

    • larry lewis

      Really enjoyed it. Good fellowship and happy to be back in the loop of the exciting habitat work and upcoming youth activities.

    • Ronnnie Wells

      The next meeting will be Feb. 28 th. at the Paintsville Recreation Center doors open at 6 p.m. dinner at 7 p.m. with the meeting starting after dinner. This is our Annual meeting.

    • Ronnie Wells

      The next meeting will be Feb. 28 at the Paintsville Recreation Center, start time is 7 p.m. The address is 232 Preston Street, Paintsville KY. 41265

  1. allen blankenship

    Grew up hunting grouse in eastern Pike Co. Moved to Harrison Co 27 years ago and visited often to see family and hunt. Now that I am retired I would love to be involved in helping preserve grouse hunting for future generations as well as enjoy the experience I grew to love . Please let me know how I can get involved. Thank you.

    • jimmy smith

      allen, we are having a dinner, at paintsville recreation center, Feb. 28th. the doors open at 4:00 pm with blue grass bands playing. Dinner starts about 7:00pm there is no cost, or call one of the board members listed above. thanks for your interest.

  2. Allen Blankenship

    Recently sent email requesting how to get involved with your organization, haven’t heard anything so thought I may have put wrong email address. I have a life long love of grouse hunting, first hunting I did as a boy, and since I’m recently retired I would love to pursue your goals with you. Please let me know how I can get involved. Thank you, Allen

  3. David Dooley

    I have a great bird dog that I need to find a good home for. She is an 8 year old German short hair, fully trained. Good home is a must. Preferably an only dog.


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